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At Hakeemify, we provide flexible web design and development solutions that can help you accomplish your business goals, whether you’re aiming for regional success or global hegemony. Our web design and development services are meant to help you draw in customers, widen your audience, and gather business-to-business or enterprise leads. And if you own an e-commerce store, our packages will assist you catapult your products to the top by increasing your growth rate and increasing your online sales.

Our professional team of web designers and developers can create a bespoke WordPress website suited to your exact needs and goals. We can also assist you with selecting the appropriate WordPress themes and plugins to enhance the functionality of your website, such as Woo-Commerce integration and WordPress theme customization.

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How important is choosing your website design type?

It is very important for the success of your website that you pick the right web design type. You will think about things like the website’s purpose, its audience, and the information it will hold when you choose web design and development.

For example, a simple layout might work for a small portfolio website, but it would be too simple for an e-commerce site. In the end, you should pick the type of web design that will make your people happy and help your site reach its goals.

There are Different Types of Web Design and Development

A picture of E-commerce Website
The Picture of a Corporate Website
A picture of Blog website
E-commerce Website
Corporate Website
Blog Site

The e-commerce website is an online store. Just like the ones you visit at the mall. It enables retailers to offer goods and services to clients directly. Items can be browsed, and photographs and descriptions can be reviewed. then put them in their online shopping cart. E-commerce websites take care of everything, from order to secure payment processing, to ensure an easy online buying experience.

The corporate website is the company’s digital storefront. It serves as the online identity of the company. It builds up to achieving several goals, such as promoting goods and services and informing the public about the company’s mission and core values. It serves as a central location for prospective customers, partners, and investors to get information about the business and build confidence.

A blog site is an article written within a website. The blog is about writing articles, posting, writing etc. And the site is a website. On this website, you have to do blogging i.e. write articles. If you are writing on a website then you are blogging. That is, a blog site means writing or writing on a website.

A Educational Website Picture
A News Portal Website Picture
A Travel Agency Website picture
Educational/Academic Website
News Portal Website
Travel Agency Website

Educational or Academic websites refer to websites that provide learning materials on various subjects. These websites are utilized entirely in schools, colleges, and universities. It’s own their of learning new things, or it can be used to augment the curriculum. They especially contain text, images, audio, video and other elements that make the learning process engaging.

Various online newspapers and report-based websites are considered news portals. Here visitors can read and watch various news and informative reports. These portals publish news on various topics like politics, sports, business, entertainment etc. News portals can be accessed anytime and anywhere through the internet.

A travel agency creates travel agency websites for their clients. It is a website where travellers can book and complete their travel. Travel planning and booking can be done quickly using the website. These websites provide various types of information and services And all necessary travel information is known.

What things to consider for website design and development

When we want to build a great website through web development, we need to plan for more than just how it looks. First of all, figure out who we want to reach and what we want our website to do. Which people do we want to reach, and what do we want them to do?

Then, we need to make sure the design is responsive, easy for people to use, and has quick loading times and clear instructions. Our site will look great on any device if it has a responsive design. In the end, we think about these functions and how they work. When we need shopping carts, forms, or the ability to connect to social media. Then we take care of these things right away. We’ll have a website that explains, engages, and meets our goals.

How to Create a Website by a Professional Web Developer?

Image of Web design and Development

How to Start a Website

First Hire a Digital marketing agency or Developer Firm. Browse their packages and plans and choose the right one for you. The job of professional web developers is to bring your website’s vision to life with a structured approach. They’ll collaborate with you to understand your niche, target audience, and what you want to do. The next task will be to design a user-friendly layout and SEO-friendly content.

How to Build a Website:

The expertise team of web design and development uses languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Python, etc. These skills will ensure a high level of customization, visibility, and functionality. Also, they optimize the site for mobile and other devices and search engines for maximum reach. Finally, after testing and refinement, they’ll launch your website and provide ongoing maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

CMS and Custom Website Development

Image Of Custom Website
Image of CMS website

Custom Web Design and Development :

A custom-designed website is a website that is built the way the creator wants it to be. A template does not create it and can be known as a website that is created without the help of a template. Your brand is unique to your business and you want to showcase your brand through custom design elements on your site After all, you want to stand out and feature things on your website that other businesses aren’t using.

Web Design and Development by CMS:

CMS is a type of content management platform, with the help of which we can manage content. Content means what we can see, read, or listen to in digital form. It will be called content, which means content management. With the help of CMS, we can edit, delete, add, and manage our content completely. With the help of a CMS, we can make the content SEO friendly. We can make the URL of the content more SEO-friendly as our own. Some of the most used CMS nowadays are WordPress, Shopify Api, joomla etc.

Responsive Web Design and Development

Image of Responsive Web Design


Responsive web design gives a good view on all devices. Responsive web design and development (RWD) is an effort to create websites that ensure a smooth user experience. It works on all kinds of devices, from computers to tablets and phones. Using images, media code, and flexible styles that change how the website looks on different devices.

It lets the website change its features and material so that it looks good on all devices. By prioritizing RWD (responsive web design and development), developers can create aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly websites for a wider audience in today’s multi-device world.

Web Development Services in Bangladesh

Web design and development services cover many skills that bring your digital presence to life. This includes website design services and the underlying coding that makes it function. Web design services focus on the visual appeal and user experience, crafting a website that’s easy to navigate and informative. Then it transforms into functioning web design and development.

Web Design And Development Services in Dhaka

Bangladesh has rich web design and development agencies in the IT industry. Most of the agencies are located in Dhaka city. Bangladeshi web design and development agencies have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Like Hakeemify Digital Marketing Agency offers service, quality web design and development for all platforms. These agencies can help businesses establish a strong online presence, catering to their specific needs and budgets.

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